Jaw Surgery

Jaw Surgery

An orthognathic procedure, commonly called jaw surgery, is an important tool for repairing and restoring a variety of conditions.

At our Kokomo oral surgery practice, we use surgical techniques that benefit our patients and improve their lives, virtually overnight.

Common Reasons for Jaw Surgery

Although orthognathic surgery is helpful Jaw Surgeryin the treatment of many different conditions, we use this approach most often to repair defects or deformities.

Many babies are born with congenital defects that cannot be easily corrected without surgery. Other patients have been injured in an accident or have suffered facial trauma, and surgery is the best way to restore appearance and function.

The misalignment of the jaws or teeth is another common reason for performing orthognathic surgery. As the human body grows, the slow-growing jawbones may develop at different rates. Or, one may stop growing before the other, resulting in misalignment.

And of course, surgical intervention can help correct problems with the temporomandibular joint (TMJ) as well as prevent sleep apnea.

Determining if Jaw Surgery Is Right for You

When you visit Kokomo Implant and Oral Surgery, you will consult with one of our experienced oral surgeons.

After recording your medical history and a list of your symptoms, the surgeon will likely recommend X-rays or computer facial imaging to get a better look at the bone, muscle and tissue structure of your face and mouth. Depending on your symptoms and concerns, other tests may be ordered to isolate the problem.

The doctor may ask about related conditions, such as whether you have trouble breathing or speaking, chewing or swallowing. The doctor will check for excessive tooth wear and will evaluate the alignment of your jaw.

Finally, the surgeon will evaluate your overall level of health to ensure that you are a good candidate for jaw surgery. Because surgery is a more intensive approach to treatment, you will never be recommended for a surgical procedure unless it’s the best alternative for you.

Today’s Jaw Surgery Is Simple and Painless

Although the prospect of surgery may sound daunting to you, modern technology has made it surprisingly quick, easy and effective.

Most procedures are conducted at an outpatient surgical facility or local hospital. You’ll likely receive general anesthesia so that you’ll sleep through the surgery. Most of our patients are able to go home the next day, and they experience minimal discomfort and swelling at the surgical site.

Serving patients in Kokomo and the surrounding areas, including Greentown and Russiaville, the professional team at Kokomo Implant and Oral Surgery is committed to compassionate, personalized care for all of our patients.

Contact us today to schedule an appointment to discuss your options for corrective jaw surgery.

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