Facial Imaging Indiana

Facial Imaging

Today’s facial imaging techniques provide an exciting and effective way for us to improve your care and treatment outcomes.

As a diagnostic tool, computed tomography scans, also known as CT scans, provide us with a detailed, three-dimensional glimpse into the hard and soft tissues of the mouth, teeth and oral cavity. This view assists us in providing effective TMJ treatment as well as identifying structural issues that cannot be seen otherwise.

Advanced Imaging Technology

One of the most exciting advantages of our Facial Imagingadvanced imaging technology is the ability to see details of both hard and soft tissues, something previously not possible.

In the past, oral surgeons and dentists were limited to basic X-ray technology. Advanced facial imaging was available only at a hospital or diagnostic facility. Today, we use a small, hand-held device to create a virtual image of every nook and cranny of your mouth, jaw and oral cavities.

As a treatment tool, facial imaging allows our surgeons to virtually plan oral surgery and dental restorations in advance. Before the advent of facial imaging, doctors had no way to anticipate or plan for latent conditions.

With CT scans and other advanced imaging techniques, our treatment teams can work in concert with your orthodontist, doctor or dentist to share your scans and create a comprehensive and effective treatment plan.

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